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シルイ/Sirui N-1204X 4-Section Carbon Fiber Tripod BSRN1204X/三脚/カメラ/camera/アクセサリー SIBSRN1204XMaterial:Carbon Fiber
No of Section:4
Load Capacity:26.5 lbs (12.02 kg)
Maximum Height:Tripod: 52'' (132.08)
Monopod: 61.4'' / 155.95 cm
Minimum Height:Tripod: 6.3'' (16.0 cm)
Monopod: 16.5'' (42cm)
Folded Height:18.1'' / 45.97cm
Retracted Height:20.5'' / 52.07cm
Weight:2.4 lbs / 1.1 kg

・Tripod converts to monopod center column can be attached for even more height
・Legs fold up 180deg. for extra compactness
・The center column can be inverted for unusual low angle shots
・For speed and convenience each leg has an automatic leg angle lock mechanism
・Short section of split center column allows for low angle or macro shooting
・Three position leg angle for uneven terrain

The Sirui N-1204X 4-Section Carbon Fiber Tripod is a sensible choice that consists of a good balance of quality functionality and price. It is an 8x carbon fiber 4-section tripod that features a detachable monopod leg in which you can simply unscrew from the rest of the tripod and assemble with the provided accessories kit into a functional regular-sized monopod. It also comes with an extra short center column that is easily interchangeable with the principal center column and allows for low-height shooting especially for those who love doing macro.

There are three adjustment angles available for the legs and each consists of an automatic lock mechanism. Weighing merely 1.1 kg (2.4 lbs) and folded up as 18.1'' with a loading capacity of 12 kg (26.5 lbs) this light-weight tripod will make an excellent companion for travelers.

The Sirui N-1204X is ideal for use with 35mm and medium-format photographic cameras DSLRs and digital or conventional type video camcorders. The recommended ball heads are SIRUI G-10 K-10X K-20 K-20X.

シルイ/Sirui N-1204X 4-Section Carbon Fiber Tripod BSRN1204X

76,481円 (税込 82,599 円)